Coworking: an air of freedom

Being self-employed means being free to organise your work as you see fit. When it comes to choosing business premises, you need to find the best location and the right landlord.

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Difficult, when you know that the working environment is constantly changing! Signing a lease for office space means a commitment, an investment not always compatible with your desire for flexibility, nor with the financial means of a small company. Renting your office in the Nice Office coworking space allows you to reduce your investment while having the most efficient equipment at your disposal. Scan, print, enjoy a stable and ultra-fast Internet and wifi connection by renting a workstation or a private office in the coworking Nice Office space. You can also have access to our meeting room to receive your employees, clients or organise your training courses. Focus on developing your business and free yourself from administrative, fiscal and real estate constraints. 

Your confidential coworking space

The office you rent in the Nice Office coworking spaces is yours. It is accessible only to you and the person or persons with whom you have chosen to share it.  Privacy, security and confidentiality  are thus preserved. When you are away, your personal documents and materials remain in your locked office.

une esemble de bureau agréable et confortable

The office you rent in the Nice Office coworking spaces is yours. It is accessible only to you and the person or persons with whom you have chosen to share it. Privacy, security and confidentiality are thus preserved. When you are absent, your personal documents and material remain in your locked office. 

Your secured coworking space

Another advantage of these enclosed offices is that they minimise health risks. While teleworking is currently being promoted to stop the spread of Covid-19, the fact remains that your home may not be conducive to maximising your performance. In the Nice Office coworking space, every effort is made to minimize health risks. You work in an office enclosed by glass. Your workspace is dedicated to you.

Espace de coworking à Nice | Nice Office

Each of the closed offices is spacious enough to be occupied by 2 or 3 people and your work space allows you to go beyond the 4 square metres per person recommended by the Ministry of Labour.

The offices are ventilated, cleaned and disinfected daily with anti-virus products. For hand hygiene, soap and hydro-alcoholic gel are available at strategic points in the Nice Office coworking area: reception lounge, kitchen area, meeting room, etc. Finally, recommended health and safety gestures are in place for all concerned so that everyone can work together and minimise the risks to their health and that of others. So come and rent an office in Nice where you will work in a quiet space, conducive to your creativity and dynamic thought process.



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