All users of Nice Office coworking are kindly requested to respect the principles below. Failure to do so may result in immediate exclusion from the Nice Office area, or in additional charges.

Nice Office is a coworking space that provides work and meeting areas. It is possible to receive outside guests, in reasonable numbers.

Nice Office reserves the right to refuse access to any person whose nature of activity is not or no longer compatible with the overall functioning of the space.

The space may only be used for strictly professional purposes. In this sense, its use is restricted to normal office use within the framework of a legal professional activity. Any other use is either prohibited or subject to the prior written authorisation of those in charge.

Respect of the Coworking Space
The space is open to the public from 9:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday to Friday, on request on Saturday and Sunday.

For other times, please contact us.

Persons concerned
These rules apply to all persons registered at Nice Office, using the equipment in the space and for the entire duration of the use of the coworking space. Each person is deemed to have accepted the terms of these Rules and agrees that action may be taken against him or her in the event of non-compliance.

Laptop computer
Nice Office is a Coworking space. Computers are not provided and each member must come with their own equipment and take it with them when they leave.

Dress and behaviour
People are invited to present themselves in decent dress and to behave correctly towards anyone present on the premises. Furthermore, all users of Nice Office undertake to leave their office, meeting room and common areas in the best possible state of cleanliness and order. For this purpose, please :

Respect the premises and equipment, tidy up and clean up after yourself.
Use shared resources (coffee, printer) in a reasonable way.
Respect the need for quietness of others.
Behave in such a way as to maintain good relations with other users of the coworking area and the neighbourhood.
Close blinds, windows, and doors when leaving last.
Immediately inform the people in charge of the area in case of problems.
Use of equipment
Each person has the obligation to keep in good condition the equipment entrusted to him/her. Persons are obliged to use the equipment in accordance with its purpose. Use for other purposes, in particular for personal purposes, is prohibited, except for the material made available for this purpose.

Any anomaly in the operation of the machines and equipment and any incident must be immediately reported to the persons in charge.

Computer network and telephone
The coworker undertakes not to use the network made available to carry out an illicit activity and not to exploit the bandwidth in a way that could harm the activity of other coworkers. Illegal or unfair use of the bandwidth may result in sanctions if the resulting reminders to order are not followed up.

Nice Office provides coworkers with an IP telephone. The coworker undertakes not to call surcharged numbers. Any additional costs will be billed to the user who made the call. Calls to landline numbers in the following 40 countries are included: Azores, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Canary Islands, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Estonia, Germany, Hungary, Finland, Greece, Guernsey, Iceland, Ireland, Italy and the Vatican, Jersey, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Madeira, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States (excluding Alaska and Hawaii).

A printer is available for the coworkers. Each coworker or user of the meeting room has a free quota in his package:


Coworking day: 10 pages
Give me 5 package: 30 pages
Give me 10 package: 50 pages
Monthly package: 80 pages
Meeting room

1 Hour: 3 pages
1/2 Day: 10 pages
1 Day: 20 pages
In the case of the need for more intensive use, you will have to report this to the person in charge. Any additional page will be charged at the price of 0.20 Euros HT.

Alcohol and drugs
Nice Office users are prohibited from entering or staying in the area while intoxicated or under the influence of drugs. It is forbidden to bring alcoholic beverages or narcotics into the area. In general, any substance and/or activity of an illegal, dangerous, harmful or disturbing nature is prohibited.

Pets are not allowed in the coworking area.

The Nice Office area, like the entire Nice Premier building, is entirely non-smoking (in application of decree n°92-478 of 29 May 1992 laying down the conditions for the application of the ban on smoking in places allocated for collective use). Vaporisation is not tolerated.

It is possible to smoke or vaporize on the terrace, provided you leave it clean after use.

Telephone and other sound activities
If the volume of another member’s phone calls is disturbing, report it politely; be attentive to others when you are on the phone yourself. Respect the coworkers’ need for silence.

Mute computers and telephones (possibly with a discreet ring tone) and use headphones to listen to music and videos.

In accordance with the co-ownership rules and for the respect of the neighbours, it is forbidden to make too noisy phone calls in the corridor or on the landings. To do so, use the room, the terrace or go directly out onto the square.

Check in advance whether your activity will respect the rules and charters of coworking. Certain activities considered too noisy will not be tolerated within the space.

Kitchen and Food Corner
A Nespresso coffee machine, electric kettle, microwave and refrigerator are available for coworkers. Their maintenance is the responsibility of the coworkers. Consumables (tea, coffee, herbal tea, sugar, etc.) are not included in our price offer. Please note that they are not included in our price list:

Do not eat or leave food on other members’ desks.
Clean up well after eating, drinking, or handling food (tables and floor) – especially the table in the meeting room.
Wash dishes as you go; do not store dirty dishes.
Store dishes clean and dry.
Finally, it is possible to have meals at the Inter-Company Restaurant located on the first floor of the building, at very affordable rates. It is open Monday to Friday from 11:30 am to 2:00 pm.

Regulations – Cancellations
Subscriptions or rentals are to be paid before using the coworking. In case of cancellation, they can be refunded according to the following conditions:

Cancellation more than 7 days before the date of the event: Cancellation free of charge.
Cancellation between 7 and 3 days before the event: 50% of the reservation fee is due.
Cancellation less than 3 days prior to the event or No-show: 100% of the booking fee is due.
Loss, theft, damage
The material left in the coworking is the responsibility of its owner. Nice Office declines all responsibility in case of loss, theft or damage. Nice Office reserves the right to charge any damaged collective material to the author of a damage.

From time to time, Nice Office organises sharing events (meetings, breakfast, afterwork, open doors, coworker exchanges, etc.). Participation in these events is free for subscribers. However, prior registration is necessary to plan the number of participants.

For those who wish to organise workshops, training courses or events within the space, we are open to any proposal that respects the Nice Office ethic. The organisation of an event must be planned (reservation of the venue for the planned dates, theme addressed, number of speakers, preparation, etc.).

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